Yevgeny Simkin

Yevgeny (Genia) Simkin is hard to sum up in a sentence but if you can imagine a funnier (but otherwise wholly less able and talented) Jaron Lanier who fled Soviet Russia as a child and has spent his life bouncing from music to comedy to software engineering you’d have a pretty good idea of who he is. You can follow his comedy Twitter feed here. Oh and he’s the founder of The Russian Mob (but that’s a story for another time).

Articles by Yevgeny Simkin

June 12, 2019 4:12 am

Only the Blockchain Can Save Us from Deepfakes

Your phone rings or perhaps it’s Skype or Facetime. You answer the call and it’s your mom. She’s calling to…
Yevgeny Simkin
May 8, 2019 4:57 am

Your Opinion Is Irrelevant

It doesn't matter what you think.
Yevgeny Simkin
April 3, 2019 4:19 am

Trump’s Darwinian Truth

The president understands how to condition people to accept his truth at a very deep and very dangerous level.
Yevgeny Simkin
March 19, 2019 4:11 am

An Open Letter to Sergey Brin About Socialism

Maybe it's time to take this socialism talk seriously.
Yevgeny Simkin
March 4, 2019 3:45 am

You’re Not the Asshole Twitter Makes You Out To Be

Why IRL people aren't as terrible as they are on Twitter.
Yevgeny Simkin