Bulwark Originals (page 81)

August 5, 2019 11:56 am

All the Disturbing Parallels Between Radical Islam and White Nationalism

The scale is smaller, but the fundamentals are all the same.
Jonathan V. Last
August 5, 2019 5:33 am

Josh Hawley Wants to Break Higher Education to Own the Libs

Senator Josh Hawley has had a lot of attention recently. He has been hailed by the Daily Wire as…
Matthew Boedy
August 5, 2019 5:03 am

The Only Thing Trump Should Say Right Now Is “I’m Sorry”

It’s long past time for him to do so.
Tim Miller
August 5, 2019 3:55 am

Democratic Hopefuls Will Be Asked Whether They Will Prosecute Trump

There's a right and wrong answer.
Erica Newland
August 2, 2019 11:07 am

Will Hurd and the Hollowing Out of the Republican Party

On Thursday evening, Rep. Will Hurd, three-time Republican congressman from Texas’s most hotly contested district, former undercover CIA agent, and…
Andrew Egger
August 2, 2019 5:32 am

In Case of Emergency: 20 Democrats Who Could Step in and Upend the Race

If any or all of the Democratic presidential candidates on the debate stage this week stall, who will…
Alex Talcott
August 2, 2019 5:30 am

Trump’s Assault on the Guardrails of Democracy

“I have the right to do whatever I want as president.” -President Donald J. Trump,…
Philip Rotner
August 1, 2019 11:51 am

Do Any of the 2020 Democrats Have a Foreign Policy?

Credit CNN in this week’s debates: The moderators attempted to ask the candidates questions about foreign policy and national security.
Benjamin Parker
August 1, 2019 5:46 am

Four Ways Not to Indict Donald Trump

Impeachment may have been the only option.
Benjamin Parker
July 31, 2019 11:07 pm

Joe Biden Is Already Running Against Trump As the Democratic Nominee

Let’s just get down to it and rank the second night candidates from best to worst. 1. Joe Biden: New…
Jonathan V. Last