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2020 (page 2)

November 10, 2020 4:51 pm

Bill Barr’s Election Memo: Justice Delayed

Read the attorney general not literally, but seriously.
Adam J. White
November 10, 2020 5:30 am

Donald Trump’s Last (?) Big Lie

His reckless post-election behavior—and how we can start to heal the damage it caused.
Aaron L. Friedberg and Gabriel Schoenfeld
November 9, 2020 8:42 pm

Be Alarmed

Things are probably going to work out okay. But complacency in the defense of democracy is not a virtue.
William Kristol
November 9, 2020 5:30 am

The Revenge of John McCain and John Lewis

The two heroes’ legacies might be visible in the 2020 map.
Shay Khatiri
November 9, 2020 5:30 am

Trump’s Farewell Fiasco

The president’s post-election lawsuits and the real constitutional stakes.
Adam J. White
November 7, 2020 8:19 pm

A Good Man for a Wounded Country

After years of Trump, Biden’s decency and normality are a balm. Now he must turn toward the enormous challenges ahead.
Richard North Patterson
November 7, 2020 11:29 am

He’s Fired

Donald Trump has been resoundingly defeated. Enjoy it.
Tim Miller
November 7, 2020 5:30 am

Those Obama-Trump Counties

What it means that the president held most of them.
Stephanie Muravchik and Jon A. Shields
November 6, 2020 3:46 pm

An Embarrassing Presidential Display That Will Live in Infamy

Other presidents’ worst moments didn’t involve tantrums about valid vote counting.
David Priess
November 6, 2020 2:54 pm

The Lies from the Trump White House are Getting Desperate

The November 5 press conference was a new low point for the Office of the President as Trump made baseless claims about the state of the electoral race.
Brian Karem