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Watch the House Managers’ Video Montage of the Attack on the Capitol

February 9, 2021
Featured Image
Screenshot of the video montage shown by House impeachment managers on February 9, 2021. (Via C-SPAN)

Today, in the first day of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, the Senate is hearing arguments from the House impeachment managers and the former president’s lawyers about the constitutionality of the trial itself.

In the month that has passed since the attack on the Capitol, the adrenaline has drained away, and much of the fear, anger, and grief has dulled. So the impeachment managers opened their presentation by displaying a thirteen-minute video to remind the senators of the timeline and intensity of the events of January 6. The video is a harsh, shocking, infuriating reminder of that dark day:

Benjamin Parker

Benjamin Parker is a senior editor at The Bulwark.